Sharon Strong Artist


I am an artist and a psychologist, Sharon Armstrong Ph.D.  My passion is to see as deeply as I can and reflect back what I see in my practices of art making and in psychotherapy. For me both experiences are soul work. They can challenge existing paradigms and provoke change. They inform and animate one another. Each is creative, bringing forth something new.

Making art has always been a dynamic process for me. It is risk taking, discovery, the scientific method at its most intuitive. There are no mistakes. There are only other possibilities. When something “doesn’t work”,  it may be an entirely new direction I hadn’t thought of or part of a process of elimination. Curiosity opens the  door to discovery, as does a willingness to go into the unknown.

In my life, inspiration can be as close as home or as far away as the Nepal Himalaya mountain range. I live in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California on 20 acres of rolling hills, Live Oak and Gray Pine, Manzanita and Toyon, with my husband, Tom Weidlinger, a documentary film maker.  We have solitude and quiet here, as well as community with other creative people. And I love to travel the world, getting out of my “cultural trance” to see the incredible variety of human experience with new eyes. The places where people live, the stories they tell, simply being together in their world, becomes inspiration for my life and my art.

I also need to play with more than one art form. Mask making evolved into sculptural pieces that became environmental art at Burning Man. I am now exploring metal sculpture, circling around to my earlier love of painting and drawing and writing a memoir entitled “Whole Of Life”. This website is my portfolio, a virtual gallery for my art and an opportunity to explore work in process in a public forum, something I have never done before. This is the heart of creativity for me.