Mask making and dancing wearing masks were sacred practices in early human communities. The mask literally embodied spirits in nature and the power of deities and demons brought to life through ritual and story. I know this power. My masks tell my stories and the stories of my time. They reveal our gods and monsters. Their stories are as contemporary as today’s newspaper headlines and ancient as the first people to gather around a fire for warmth or to gather together in opposing armies to kill each other in the name of their gods.

Magic happens. When the mask I am working on comes into juxtaposition with life events, art and life oscillate. The energy is so high that at a point in the work, life and art merge and I become dumbstruck, completely in awe at the power of this synchronicity. With my first mask and second and third this happened. And at critical moments in my life this continues to happen. Then the spirit of the mask is inevitably archetypal.