When I turned sixty-five, I became acutely aware of “getting old,” not fitting into the cultural stereotype of “senior citizen,” and having no desire to. I was curious about what gifts this time of life offers, and what wisdom and insight await us if we truly open to its possibilities. I searched for books on the subject and found spiritual guidance, humorous anecdotes about being “over the hill,” and people going peacefully into this dark night. None of them satisfied my longing to find a companion on the journey. So, I wrote BURNING WOMAN, hoping to meet my aging self and other pilgrims like me.

I reflected on the turning points in the last decade of my life and honored my experiences, even the most painful ones, because each one helped shape who I am and the gifts I bring to this moment in time. My hope is that in reading BURNING WOMAN, my tribe of elders will feel their own strength and commitment to living their lives to the fullest, whatever the circumstances, with a sense of pride and purpose.