Sharon Strong’s Burning Woman is a fascinating memoir about aging and growing into oneself.

— Forward Reviews

“Strong’s writing is strong and self-assured, without an ounce of self-pity. She wrestles with issues—questions of identity, relationships, and the exhilarating business of aging—that many people prefer to sweep under the mat, and she sums up, simply and convincingly, complicated emotions that most people can’t put into words. I resonated with so many passages in this book.”

—Vicky Elliott, journalist and editor, Yahoo News, formerly of the International Herald Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle

“With lucid, accessible prose and often heart-breaking candor, Sharon Strong recounts the seminal passages of her seven decades, tracing the fiery thread of her journey to self- knowledge, inner peace, and love. In these times when so many mature women seek continued growth and the fullest possible expression of their lives, her voice is a model of fearless honesty that concludes: Yes, we can walk through pain, through change, through loss and things we can’t control. For without these experiences, there would be no art to living at all.”

—Laura Paull, journalist, formerly of Jewish News of Northern California and Huffington Post

“This book is an inspiring roadmap into how to live a fierce life at any age—a life that embraces it all—love/loss, joy/ suffering, life/death. Living fully in the last decades of life takes curiosity, courage, stamina and resilience. The rewards are a life lived without regrets and the hard earned wisdom of the crone. Read this book and be inspired!”

—Pat Ferrero, documentary filmmaker, professor of cinema at San Francisco State University

“Sharon’s vignettes bring us through the depths and triumphs that have created a compassionate and fulfilling life. She lifts the veil and gives us a valuable glimpse into artistic inspiration as a journey of personal healing. I am inspired by her choice to follow her heart and seize the moment. In her words, ‘Let’s do it. Choose life!’”

—Seanne Swann, somatic practitioner